Everything’s Bigger, Except Your Worries in Texas

Dallas Skyline

It’s been mentioned in songs, books, and stories. There was a television show of the same name, it’s been the setting for movies, and it’s the city where former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Outside of pop culture references, what do non-natives know about Dallas? Chances are, not enough. Dallas is a beautiful city. It’s the third largest in the state of Texas and the ninth largest in America. The Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area is the largest in the south and the fourth largest nationwide. That’s a lot of city. Approximately 1.2 million people call the city of Dallas home. Interesting fact, Dallas is the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States. Most metro areas have a navigable link to the sea. The city’s 385 square miles cover land in five of Texas’ landlocked counties.

It gets hot in the summertime, with highs averaging nearly 96 degrees in July and August. Temps have been known to soar into the 100s, so bring plenty of sunscreen and make afternoon indoor plans. Winters are mild and average temps remain above freezing. But, don’t let that fool you. Dallas receives snowfall nearly every winter, for a few days anyway.

Of course, we all know about some of Dallas’ biggest attractions including the five-time Super Bowl champions, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Dallas Stars. What if sports aren’t your thing? There’s still plenty to do.

Dallas maintains and operates 406 parks, covering 21,000 acres. These parks provide plenty of room for swimming, biking, jogging, fishing, and most any other outdoor activity you may enjoy. The Great Trinity Forest is also in Dallas. This 6,000 acre forest is the largest urban hardwood forest in the United States.

If you travel through in late September or early October, be sure to check out the State Fair of Texas, held at Fair Park. In 2011, the fair will be held from Sept. 30th through Oct. 23rd. The State Fair of Texas is the largest state fair in the country, attracting more than 2.5 million thrill seekers and deep fried foodies in 2010, and equally impressive numbers in previous years.

Dallas is also home to Texas’ first and largest zoo. The Dallas Zoo has been in operation since 1888. It currently rests on 106 acres and is home to 6,800 creatures from 781 species. The zoo’s three major regions  (Zoo North, Wilds of Africa, and Giants of the Savanna) will please every visitor.

Dallas Museum of Art

The city is also home to an impressive arts and dining scene. Barbecue, Tex-Mex, and Americana are on the menu. The Downtown Arts District is where you’ll find the Dallas Museum, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Children’s Theater. All of this, in addition to Deep Ellum’s rich music scene, will have you wishing for more time in the “Big D”.

No matter what you’re into, Dallas has something for you. Dallas is a direct flight from Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, FL from the Northwest Florida Regional Airport aboard American Eagle Airlines with 6 non-stop flights daily to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport.

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