It’s Your Journey, Take It

“It’s all about you. It’s all about the journey.”
You may have seen this, or some variation of it, in our advertisements recently. Often, people are so concerned with getting to their destination they forget to enjoy the journey. The destination is certainly the reason for travel, but until you get there, you should be with someone who understands what is like to be away from home; someone who knows how important it is to arrive without fatigue.
At the Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS), we do understand. We’ve built – and are expanding – an airport with the traveler as the first priority. Everything from the location of the restrooms to the kiss and fly drop off areas and the terminals themselves has been designed to maximize traffic flow, comfort, and convenience. In April we opened our new 780 space parking lot with credit card accessible payment options. We’re adding 5,500 square feet of shared-use space and two additional gates on the concourse as well. These additions should be completed in the fall of this year.
VPS has many of the amenities found in much larger airports, and we’ve got southern hospitality. There are food and drink shops, free curbside assistance, a parking lot shuttle service, spacious bathrooms with baby changing stations, and a courtesy phone center accessible to all passengers and airport visitors. All of this is in addition to free WiFi throughout the terminal areas.
For members of our military and their families, we’ve opened the USO Freedom Lounge. Located across from the ticketing area, the Freedom Lounge serves the military and their family members (with military ID), providing snacks, drinks, comfortable seating, books, High Definition TVs, laptops, secure WiFi, video games, and a children’s play area. This is one of the ways we are saying thank you to all of our military heroes and heroines.

To further express our desire to provide the kind of convenience you expect, earlier this year we released a streamlined, mobile version of our website, This site, viewable from your web-enabled smartphone, allows you to check flight statuses, find airline information, and even get a taxi – right from the palm of your hand, anywhere.

We do everything we can to make travel as stress free as possible. If there is anything you’d like to change about the services we provide (additions or deletions), let us know either as a comment here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or via email on our website. 

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