Tarmac Tech: Carry Ons to Help You Carry On

By the time the wheels leave the tarmac, many of us are already bored. Air travel, while fast and for the most part convenient, can be a very uninteresting way to get from place to place. We have become accustomed to having some form of entertainment or stimulating activity at all times, even if it’s work.

Here are some things to bring on your flight to keep you, and your brain, happy.

A book or a magazine – These old standbys are still as important a part of air travel as they have ever been. If you fly often, there is a good chance you’ve already memorized everything in the Sky Mall catalogue. The time between when the door closes and when the captain tells you it’s okay to turn on your gadgets doesn’t have to be spent staring at the back of the seat in front of you or pining for that bladeless fan on page 23.

Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Amazon are great places to get books.

A smartphone – Or any other small, pocket-sized portable media device is a definite must-have on trips. Excellent battery life and an ever expanding amount of internal storage makes these things great for consuming content from music to movies, games, and news. Please, don’t forget the headphones.

Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC all make exceptional products in the smartphone genre. Also, check out Nintendo and Sony PlayStation for portable gaming.

A tablet computer – It doesn’t matter who makes it, as long as it has a big screen and the ability to deliver information and entertainment, you need one. The larger size, compared to the smartphone in your pocket, makes watching movies much more enjoyable. Most tablets are also great for storing and reading books or magazines.

Apple, Kindle, Samsung, Motorola, and Asus all produce tablets with different features and functions.

An e-reader – If you’re not into games or movies and you just want to settle in with a book, e-readers are the way to go. They’re generally much less expensive than tablets and their focus on doing one thing and doing it well is evident in everything from their size to their glare-free screens and pseudo paper feel.

Amazon’s Kindle and the Nook from Barnes & Noble both come in different styles and levels of functionality.

A laptop or netbook – For some people, time spent relaxing on an airplane is wasted time. To these people we say, “What are you thinking?” We also say, “Break out the tray table and laptop.” Your seat and the back of the one in front of you can quickly become a mobile office. Some people even find flight time to be their most productive.

Mac or PC, the choices are almost endless.

A back-up power source – These gadgets are a (battery) life saver. They provide USB ports for charging all of your small tech devices. Many provide enough juice to recharge a phone a few times or to give a good charge to a tablet, letting you finish that movie or game of Angry Birds. Three stars, yes!

ZAGG, Duracell, I/O Magic, and Sony, among others, make portable power.

There you go, up to six things your carry on shouldn’t be without. What do you do to pass the time while flying? Let us know here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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