Crestview High School’s Shot at 15

There is a lot to be said for pride. It makes us feel good. It can be found everywhere, from a job well done, to a doting father, watching his daughter on the balance beam for the first time. We, here at VPS, are proud to be your airport. This, being an Olympic year, makes us all exceptionally proud to be Americans. We’re proud of our athletes. Unlike college or professional sports fans, we’re all rooting for the same team. This blog, however, isn’t about us or the Olympics. It’s not about baseball or the coming football season either. It’s about a group of high school kids showing their school spirit in the form of a lip synched video. They are trying to excite the students in middle schools who will, hopefully, one day call Crestview High School their alma mater.

In the 1960s, Andy Warhol said “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” These kids are looking for their fifteen minutes now, and it will take you less than half that time to do your part to help.

Here is an excerpt from a letter we received from the student who coordinated and created the lip dub video, “Firework” by Katy Perry.

“I am Ben White … Recently I was contacted by an Ellen DeGeneres producer who was amazed by the lip dub. She proposed that there may be a chance of the lip dub being promoted on the show in mid-August, when they come back from their break … but she needs to see that it is still a “hot topic” and that it continues to grow in views … If the lip dub was able to reach Ellen it would definitely, without a doubt, attract more people to the Emerald Coast, and it would create more business for the locals.”

Ben is proud of his high school and his coastal community. We’re proud of him and want to help him and Crestview High School achieve this goal. When we first heard about the video, we featured it on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. It has already received a lot of local coverage. It was featured in the Northwest Florida Daily News, Channel 10 Fox News, Channel 3 WEAR News, Channel 15 NBC News, and the Crestview News Bulletin. It was referred to as a “YouTube sensation” on Now, in these deciding days, we’re featuring it on our blog in hopes they can add the Ellen DeGeneres Show to their list of credits.

We thank you for taking the time to read this and, hopefully, watch the video. We’re proud to have you as friends and fans. If you have any questions about how we at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport can help you, get in touch. We’re here for and because of you. Click. Pack. FlyVPS.