Where Are You Going?

How many states have you been to? Six? Ten? Forty? Maybe you’ve never been out of your home state. If that’s the case, you’ve got a long way to go if you want to join a group of travelers who call themselves the “All Fifty Club”. We live in an amazing country. Setting a goal of visiting all 50 states is an admirable one, but it’s certainly not for everyone.
Chances are, you know someone from most of the states, but have you ever thought “I’d like to visit all of them.”? We recently read an article about the All Fifty Club and were inspired. Between road trips, business trips, and childhood vacations, we figure we’ve been to about, well, we’ve still got several states to visit. The point is, this has been added to our bucket list.
All Fifty Club Membership Certificate
While reading through the material on allfiftyclub.com, we saw their requirement for “visiting” a state is pretty lax. “A person has visited a state if he or she has set foot on the ground of that state and breathed the air :)” Yes, the emoticon is theirs. They do, however, stipulate that a layover in an airport does not count toward the final goal… unless you can manage to get outside, get your feet on the ground, and breathe the state’s air. Incidentally, they take a tongue-in-cheek approach to verifying whether a membership applicant has actually been to all fifty states. “Quite frankly, if someone decides to ‘lie’ … they obviously have issues that will not be solved by denying them membership!
Some people have different, personal requirements for what qualifies as visiting a state. Some believe one should spend the night in the state. Others simply believe eating a meal in the state is sufficient. Still others prefer a form of commerce and interaction with the locals. For travelers through the American west, a stop at the Four Corners National Monument will provide an opportunity to be in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado simultaneously. We don’t recommend trying to spend the night on the monument though.
This is a fun goal to set, in our opinion. Whether you start as a retiree or, as a business traveler, you realize you’ve been to 30 or 40 states and decide to make a go for it – go for it!
So, as we were saying, how many states have you been to? Sound off on Facebook or Twitter. We want to hear from you.
Happy traveling.