10 of Your Favorite Moments from VPS’ 2013 Social Stream

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to 2013 and get ready to say hello to 2014. What better way to do that, than with a list? We enjoy being connected with you via social media. Facebook, Twitter and our blog allow us an opportunity to chat with you as well as for you to have a direct line to contact us with questions. Here are 10 of our biggest moments of 2013 from Facebook, your favorite channel for connecting with us.
Feel free to click on any of the screen-grabs below to view the whole story. 
We really made you jealous with this shot of the beach from January 15th.
This photo of the graduating UK Mx Personnel was shared and seen by thousands of you.
As was this photo of the first four-ship formation of F-35s from Eglin AFB. Thank you.
When the Travel Channel named Destin its Best Family Beach of 2013, you listened.
This scene from Destin Pass in early June sent a lot of you on a daydream vacation.
Corn art, who knew? Mazes don’t have to be straight lines and dead ends. This F-35 saw a lot of miles on our Facebook wall.
Free beer always gets a lot of attention…
but not as much as a charity chili cook-off on a fall day.
But, the most viewed and shared post of 2013 was this weather map, shared on December 9th, which clearly shows Florida not participating in winter.
Thank you for a great year. We’re tremendously thankful for all of you and for what you’ve shared with us. We look forward to a big and exciting 2014 with you. If you want to get in touch, do it. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can even send us a message on our website.