How to be a HAPPY traveler!

Traveling can be stressful for anyone, but there are ways to make your journey a happy one!

First, make sure you have the best apps to help you get the information about things around you.

TripAdvisor: When TripAdvisor predicts something, it’s usually correct. The app provides access to more than 200 million reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions by travelers like you. Download its City Guides for top picks and maps of your intended destinations. Favorite feature: Guides can be accessed for offline use. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia)

Yelp: Looking for a restaurant or wine bar near your hotel? Yelp can find the closest, display customer reviews, and offer directions. This popular business-locating app integrates each establishment’s basic info with maps, photographs, ratings, reviews, menus, and more. Search by category, price, proximity, and rating. Favorite feature: messaging lets you query locals directly. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon, Kindle Fire)

AroundMe: Do you really need two local-search apps? Maybe not, but devotees of AroundMe prefer this thoughtfully designed, graphic-oriented app to Yelp. Choose a category icon (e.g. banks, coffee shops, movie theaters), tap, and AroundMe swiftly lists options and pinpoints them on a map. Selecting one provides detailed information and reviews. Favorite feature: uses GPS to give you directions. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

GateGuru: This handy travel-day companion stores your flight info and provides live updates on delays, cancellations, and gate changes. But GateGuru’s genius is its local intelligence about airport amenities and maps, particularly those in your vicinity. Use it to find restaurant options and see how other fliers rate them. Favorite feature: in-app discount car rentals. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Next, make sure you make your lists and involve your family in the trip planning and use this graphic so you don’t miss anything!

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Your trip can be happy, healthy and fun, just plan ahead and use your resources to make it less stressful.