Dozer the Therapy Dog


Dozer began his carrier as a registered therapy dog in January 2011. His love for people combined with his gentle nature and amazing good looks is a perfect fit for therapy work. He has the ability to do amazing things by simply walking into a room. The unsociable become sociable, the patients who seldom speak start using their words and their memory to tell stories of dogs they once had, the shy ones move in close to love on him. Dozer can refocus your attention from whatever may be causing you stress, giving you an emotional break and leaving you feeling calm and loved. This is a very helpful skill during our monthly visits to teen group homes, the Ronald McDonald House and of course, Destin- Fort Walton Beach Airport.

We began making monthly airport visits in January, 2014 and have been their the first Thursday of every month ever since. We have learned not everyone likes to fly and every trip is not a vacation. Some stress over details, did I pack everything? Did I shut off the iron? Is my flight going to be late? Some worry about the pets left at home, and some worry about everything. No matter what the case may be when Dozer walks up and takes a seat beside them the stress turns to joy.

Make sure to stop and say hello anytime he is in the Airport, we promise if your feeling nervous…he will make you smile!

Here are some great images from our visits at the Destin – Fort Walton Beach Airport so you can see him in action.

Content and some images provided by Dozer and his Mom!

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