How to get Through Airport Security with Ease


Everyone knows that getting through security can be a challenge, especially if you are running late. But being prepared and ready is the key to getting through with ease. Try these tips to help get you through the Transportation Security Administration, (TSA) line a little faster and easier.

Have Your Paperwork Ready

Holding your day to day wallet is easy, but when it comes to flying all of your boarding passes and passports can easily end up at the bottom of a purse or jacket pocket. As soon as you enter the security line, have your boarding pass and ID at the ready.  A passport holder or ID holder can help keep the important items separate and therefore more top of mind as you get into the security line. And keep that holder in your carry on in a pocket easy to get to.

Perform Your Own Security Scan

A short line doesn’t always mean a fast line. Take a quick scan of the type of people in each line, the number isn’t always the factor for getting through quick. Several businesspeople might move through security much faster than two families with young children or a group of senior citizens. Just remember: One baby carriage equals four typical passengers. Also, aim for the far left or far right scanner lanes. Most casual and new travelers just walk straight ahead and end up waiting longer as a result.

Dress up to Dress down – Wear Socks & Slip-On Shoes

For the (hopefully) short time you are moving through security, the you want to get in and out of security as quickly as possible. Keep jewelry, belts, cell phones etc tucked in your carry-on. (Less you have to take off in line) Put valuables like jewelry and keys in the pockets of your jacket before you put your jacket through the X-ray –once you get through, redress with all of the essentials. You are required to take off your shoes in order to pass through the metal detectors, so put those sandals away and wear shoes with socks. It’s not only more hygienic, but it’s also safer for you and a better all-around visual for the people next to you in line! Socks are also great to have when you actually board the plane and find yourself faced with cold flight temperatures.

Next, when every second counts, don’t wear your most complicated shoes to get off and on. A simple pair of ballet flats for women or slip-on loafers for men will work the quickest. You can always change shoes later from your carry on. If you tend to over-pack and need space in your bag, wear boots you can slip on and off easily – wearing these can be a great way to open up more space in your luggage.

Unpack Like a Pro

This is the rule, all liquids and gels must be 3 oz or smaller and fit into a 1 quart bag. Save yourself the expense of purchasing travel-sized products and the inevitable busted sandwich bag lotion explosion later, and pick up a clear bag with clear bottles that you can fill with product from your full-size bottles at home. You can find them in almost any store near the travel sizes. Label your bottles to keep products easy to recognize and put the bag in a front pocket of your carry-on or in your day bag. When it’s time to go through security, simply unzip the outer pocket and place your liquids in your bin and move on through with ease!

Purchase a TSA-Friendly Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag

If it’s likely you will be traveling with your laptop often, a TSA-friendly laptop bag that will allow you to keep your laptop in the bag is a must.  These bags are butterfly style, a tri-fold style or a sleeve with a designated section for the laptop that will lay flat on the X-ray machine’s belt.

Check Extra Electronics

One of the best things about traveling is capturing the moment. However, the more electronics you have sitting in their cases, the longer it will take you to get through security. TSA requires travelers to remove large electronic items, such as laptops, camcorders and DVD players, from their cases and you’ll have to place each item in its own bin for the X-ray machine. Electronic cases will need to go through the machine as well, so whenever possible. Pack anything you won’t need during the flight (battery packs, USB cables, DSLR, etc)

Expedited Services Might be Worth It

Some airlines offer an expedited security line for First-Class or upgraded passengers, which can be worth its weight during the early commuter rush. If you travel a lot, consider getting TSA pre-screened. Click here to find out more an apply.

When in doubt, just BE POLITE

This will get you so much farther. Remember that TSA screens more than two-million people every day and it’s challenging and stressful for everyone. Keep things friendly and in perspective! After all, each step in line is a step closer to your next travel adventure!

At the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, we strive to make the start or finish of your adventure easy. Our staff in all areas are here to help you in anyway we can, including getting your through our security check points with ease.

So, book your flight today, visit us or call us at the airport for any questions and we love to hear feedback about how we can make it even better!