The Must Have Travel Apps for 2017

Traveling is always challenging, but in today’s age, the apps make your travel life so much easier!  

These are the latest apps that we found that will help your travel be less stressful and much more fun!

  1. Kindle – Always keep your kindle on you…but now, you can download the app to your phone or other mobile devices! Keep up to date on your reading without having to carry around the books. It makes layovers and jet lag much more relaxing.
  2. Flightaware – Don’t worry about downloading individual airline apps, FlightAware helps you keep up with your flight in real time, receive alerts and see delays as they occur, on ANY airline!
  3. LoungeBuddy – If you deal with long layovers or need to get ready before you leave the airport, LoungeBuddy provides instant access to lounges worldwide that you can pay by use and get a relaxing shower!
  4. Google Translate – offline and online translation, no matter what country or city you are in! You can aim the camera at the text you want to translate and….instant translation!
  5. TripIt – keep track of all your booking numbers at hotels, flights and more! Use it ti email your friends and family so they know where you are supposed to be too!
  6. AroundMe – identifies where you are and list the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theater, restaurant and more!
  7. Wiffinity – helps keep you online and update networks and passwords as you move through your trip
  8. Flushd – Because when you have to go, you have to go. Find the closest public restrooms wherever you are!
  9. Prey Anti Theft – you know that you can’t live without your smartphone, especially when you are traveling! This app will help you find your cellphone, lock it down and trigger an alarm….It doesn’t hurt to have another finder on your phone!
  10. CityMapper – this app combines all the transportation options in 35 cities to bring you the best way to get from one point to another.
  11. WeatherPro – this weather app is better than others because of the detail and the accuracy, even for beach and UV index and ski weather!
  12. First Aid – this app will help you to know what to do in an emergency, yours or a passerby!
  13. Skype – use it for video calls or regular calls to your friends and family, to let them know you got there okay or to make them jealous with the surroundings you are in!

We hope you have safe travels this holiday season and can use these apps to make sure you get there quick and efficiently!

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