Perks of a Nonstop Flight!

The Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport announced 11 New Destinations through our airline partner Allegiant Air last month, and that got us thinking about the perks of taking non-stop flights!

First, the nonstop flight is shorter. They always say the shortest path is a straight line and with a nonstop flight, you do just that.  You go from one airport to another without any intermediate stops or any connections between the two cities. That also means you will generally have the shortest flight time and you won’t have to wait between flights on a layover, making the trip even shorter!

Second, there is less chance of complications. When multiple connections are involved, there is always some chance that the first flight might get delayed and arrive late, possibly causing the traveler to miss the second, connecting flight. Less stress as you don’t have to think about connecting with another flight or running through an aiport if one is delayed.  With a nonstop flight, once that flight is on it’s way, you can be pretty sure the next stop is your final destination. You will also get more piece of mind knowing that your luggage isn’t changing planes with the possibility of getting lost or put on the wrong flight.

Although you my have fewer flight times, airlines and choices, if you plan accordingly, you will still have a greater experience with less stress from a nonstop flight.

Make sure to check out all the flight options from and fly non-stop today!