Fall is a Great Time to Travel

Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to start planning your Fall vacations.  AND, the air fares also get lower towards the end of August.  August 22 to be exact.

According to the USA Today article on July 18th:

Aug. 22 is when average U.S. domestic fares get cheaper; Aug. 21 is when average trans-Atlantic ticket prices will drop. In effect, these dates are the start of the air travel industry’s fall season: When children go back to school, demand takes a dive which prompts the airlines to lower their fares. Fall is cheap and, where airfares are concerned, fall arrives in August.

Some places you may be able to start seeing the leaves change colors (not in Florida).  In Florida, the tourist season is ending and there will be fantastic deals on hotels, attractions and more.  And, the earlier you book, the better the deals.  

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