How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

Everyone knows that flying is the fastest way to get to your destination, but sometimes can be a bit exhausting.  Here are some tips to help you get through your flight and arrive at your destination happy and ready for work or play. 

1. Attitude

To create a positive mindset, start thinking about that time as all yours. No interruptions. No distractions. No chores. You can just do what you want. It’s your time to relax, reflect, and whatever else you don’t get to do when you are in your regular day.

2. A Good Book

Whether you bring a good book with you or use your smart device for e-books, reading can make the time fly by.  Get yourself lost in a book while you are waiting to board and while you are in the air.  You’ll be at your destination in no time, and you can get yourself into another world along the way.


3. In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment can be a great way to avoid distractions of those around you and hearing the sounds of the plane.  Make sure to download your airlines’ in-flight app so you can be online in the air without any issues.

You can watch episodes of your favorite TV show, a movie you haven’t been able to watch at home or find a new show to binge watch on the flight.

Make sure to update your music playlist on your phone so you can listen while you are reading.  This way you have your music and the songs you love to hear.

4. Food

Before you board your plane, make sure to get your favorite snacks from the airport shops.  The flight will be limited as to what food they offer (depending on your airline, destination, and length of the flight), so be prepared for hunger and delays.  Remember, you can’t bring any food or drinks from home, but the airline shop will have everything you need to keep satisfied.

5. Travel Gear

Your carry – on bag can be a great resource to help keep you comfortable.  You only have limited space around your seat, especially if it is a full flight, so be prepared so you can enjoy.

Here are a few items that might come in handy…

  • Inflatable footrest
  • Noice canceling headphones
  • Fluffy blanket, fleece or sweater, or another item to help keep you warm
  • Inflatable neck rest
  • Eyeshades
  • Sanitizing wipes (especially with flu season)



7. Movement & Drinking Water

Sitting in one confined place for too long can be unhealthy even for the healthiest of fliers.  Make sure to get up and walk around from time to time during your flight (when allowed).  Stretching and doing light exercises right from your seat can help keep your circulation in check and your legs from cramping.

If you have a layover, stretch and walk around the airport as well.   Yoga poses, ab exercises and stretching exercises are perfect as you don’t need any equipment.  It will help keep your body moving and make your day of recovery and jet lag minimal.

Drink water.  That is the best advice.  Even though you will need a few more bathroom breaks, your body will be happier, so will your digestive system.

Have a safe flight and we hope you enjoy it!  Remember to book your next flight from